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Pixie Lott on the cover of Company Magazine - June/July - 2011

Source - Pixie Lott Brasil

Edit: I replaced the medium quality cover for the high quality one :)

July Cover Sneak Peek:Pixie Lott!

Not only does our July issue feature the gorge Pixie Lott, but an amazing free eyeliner duo too! Take a sneaky peek here…

We are so excited about our new July issue with cover star Pixie Lott, that we couldn’t wait until it was on the shelves to share it with you!

We chat to Pixie about her amazing Lipsy range, what inspires her fashion and how she’s topping the style charts as well as the pop world - plus we have an exclusive £10 off at Lipsy.co.uk! The July issue also features an astro love special, so you can find out what’s in store for you this Summer, 267 pretty Summer looks and our exclusive The Only Way Is Essex festival make-under… 

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    Pixie Lott on the cover of Company Magazine - June/July - 2011
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